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Special shoutouts for loyal fans

Create personalized video messages coupled with digital notes and delivered straight to the fan's inbox.

Field requests

Our flexible system enables you to offer fans the opportunity to book shoutouts or you can upload a specific list of fans to make shoutouts for.

Record video messages

View information about the recipient so you can personalize the video message.


Sign digital autographs

After recording the video message, you can immediately sign a digital autograph that our system will place right next to the video message when the recipient views it.

Straight to the fan's inbox

Once you're satisfied with the video message and autograph, send the shoutout straight to the recipient's inbox with one tap.

Assign shoutouts to members of your organization

Easily direct shoutout requests to specific members of your organization for fulfillment.

Chatalyze is your all-in-one platform for virtual VIP experiences

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