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VIP experiences, made virtual

Take fan meet and greets and other VIP offerings to a whole new level with a platform built specifically for these personal experiences. Leading creators and organizations already have. See why.

What's Chatalyze?

Chatalyze provides you with a suite of virtual tools to design, monetize, and deliver personalized experiences that fans will remember forever. From live meet & greets to personalized shoutouts, private soundchecks to front row seats at your live-streamed events, we have you covered.

Engage, excite and expand your superfanbase

Gain and retain superfans by creating magic moments that build lifetime bonds. It's never been easier with our live and asynchronous fan engagement tools.


Spark conversation with share-worthy content

Capture special photos with each fan you meet and record exciting moments. You and your fans can share this unique content to stimulate social engagement. 

Monetize on your terms

Sell tickets and products, integrate corporate sponsors, collect tips, fundraise, and more. Receive payment quickly after each experience you create.


Customize the look and feel to match your brand

Use our custom design tools to create an experience that is on point with your brand.

Full control of VIP experiences for your organization

Access our easy to use enterprise tools to centrally manage and monitor VIP offerings for your organization. Save time by having everything in one place.

Anywhere, any time, any device

With Chatalyze, you can create VIP experiences for fans all around the world on your time. Use our web or mobile apps to engage your fans from any device.

Chatalyze is your all-in-one platform for virtual VIP experiences

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